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Amazon Strategy

by unknown (FUMMBL)


Though they are a lightly-armoured team, this is offset by all their players starting with Dodge. Amazons are best employed playing a fairly bashy, running game.


Amazons are one of the best rosters at TR 100 due to their cheap rerolls, cheap players and the ability to have the combination of Block and Dodge (known as “Blodge”) on their first skill rolls. Their Blitzers begin with this combination, and with access to Guard, they quickly become a thorn in the side of most teams. Amazons are a particularly strong defensive team, as other teams struggle to break through their lines.


In a word, Tackle! Dwarfs in particular are the nemesis of Amazon teams, and you will notice that Amazons avoid this matchup at all costs. This is the main reason why Amazons are not quite so successful at higher ratings, as most opposition teams will have more Tackle players in their ranks.

Their other main weakness is the lack of pace. With a maximum of Ma 6, and only two catchers, Amazons rarely go for the lightning-fast two-turn touchdown, preferring to run the ball in over three or more turns.


The Amazons are one of the most interesting team to develop. If you’re going with a long-term strategy as described in the Roster section, you’ll want to develop your linewomen as quickly as possible. It’s very easy to get them their first skill with two TDs or a simple completion if they previously had a MVP. You should try to get a few of them in scoring position and then dump them the ball with a quick pass from your thower or a hand-off. If you can save your re-rolls for the catch, it should make scoring with them relatively straightfoward.

Be warned however that this tactic will get you ridiculously high team strength at your linewomen will be worth a lot in comparison to their TR value. It also makes this team one of the best in term if value/strength ratio. A well developed TR 150 Amazon team will beat an Orc team of the same value any day.


Linewomen: Block, Tackle, Pro
Doubles : Guard, Frenzy, Side Step, Dauntless
Stats Increase : Take all.

Block is really the only skill needed for these linewomen, but Tackle and Pro will give them some extra punch. Tackle is of course better against agile teams, while Pro is useful against stronger teams to re-roll your blocks if you only get a push. The combination of both makes for some pretty bashy girls. It can be worthwhile to give kick or dirty player as a second skill to one of them, depending on your preference. You might also give one sure hands to act as a backup thrower, especially to one with an Agility increase. Since Amazons are a bit slow, I would take movement over a skill on a double 5. Guard is the first skill that comes to mind on a double, but you may wanna choose Frenzy, Side Step or Dauntless to add some variety.

Throwers: Sure Hands, Accurate, Block, Safe Throw
Doubles : Strong Arm, Sure Feet, Nerves of Steel
Stats Increase : Take all, except Strong Arm on a double 5.

The first pick goes to sure hands to prevent you from wasting re-rolls on pick-ups, which is very important at the beginning. Next comes accurate, for extra range and then safe throw or block depending on what suits your style best. Strong Arm is really good since it make you thrower very reliable at longer ranges. I also recommend sure feet as a possibility since extra movement will help your thrower get in shorter range and reduce your chances of failure.

Blitzers: Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle
Doubles: Stand Firm, Frenzy, Dauntless
Stats Increase: Take all, but maybe Stand Firm on double 5.

It has been said before, but let me say it again: you can never have too many guards. Now that we got this out of the way, it’s not a bad idea to get one of the blitzers tackle early on, before your linewomen start getting their second skill. It’s nice to have at least one guy who can reliably take care of those annoying gutter runners or wardancers. Stand Firm is an excellent skill for dodgers, since it completely removes the chance of causing a turnover on a failed dodge, which is almost priceless. Stand Firm also works very well with Guard, making those assists literally stick unless they can knock you down. Again, Frenzy and Dauntless can be taken for the sake of variety, but really Stand Firm is THE trait for those Blitzers. On a double 5, I’d be really torn between Stand Firm or the movement and would probably choose based on what I already have on the team and diversifying.

Catchers: Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Sure Feet
Double: Guard, Jump Up, Nerves of Steel
Stats Increase: Take all.

Block comes first for self preservation. Catchers usually go deep and wait for the touchdown pass, which makes them common blitz target. Next, I like to have Side Step, which makes them more annoying and keeps you from being pushed back out of scoring range. It’s also good defensively to protect the sidelines. Sure Feet will also give you some extra speed for those two turn drives when you need them. Diving Tackle is another good defensive skill and works well with Side Step. Catchers are definitely not the center piece for Amazons, which makes their picks on doubles more questionable. I think Nerves of Steel is better for ag4 players, who can use it to reliably catch or throw of tackle zones, but this is more of a desperation tactic at ag3. I also think Jump Up isn’t as good since because of low av, you’re likely to get stunned or worst, reducing the usefulness of the skill. So by default, my pick goes to Guard, because well you can never have too many guards and that also works well with Side Step. For catchers, I would also choose movement over skill on a double 5, since they need all the speed they can get.