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Asperon's take on ALL teams

by Asperon Thorn (Specialist Games Forum)


Human Teams

This team is an all around decent team. Thier strength lies in that they have no strengths or weaknesses. Everything is a 3+ roll. They have Movement 8 players, access to a Big Buy, access to all skills besides mutations. This team relies on its positionals but has enough of them to do what it needs to. In my opinion it is the best team to learn the game with because it can run, pass, bash, or finesse the ball into the endzone. After playing this team you can decide which part you like best and choose a team that is better for it. It is also a great team to revisit if you are bored with the one you chose, as it is a team that is decent with the style you like but refreshingly good at the parts you couldn’t do well before. It’s a good team throughout the TR ranges and don’t let anyone tell you different.

These ladies are all movement 6 and all have dodge. Thier blitzers are Blodgers which is irratating to everyone but dwarves. But don’t let all that dodge fool you, this is primarily a bashy team. The AV7 will probably catch up to you if you can’t use your blodging ability to stay on your feet long enough to do damage to your opponent. It’s a bit hard to learn, but once you master it, it is great.

Again, not much variety in the Movement Category, they are all MA 6. This team starts out entirely with block, which is amazing to start. This teams strategy it to Hit, hit some more, Then hit them when they stand up, and when in doubt, hit them again. 2-die, 1-die, 2-die against. . Hit them before they hit you. Otherwise that av 7 will catch up to you.

Dwarf Teams

Slow, stocky, tough as nails. That is what it is to be a dwarf. These guys are nearly impossible to get off the pitch. Once they start getting guard on thier block tackle linemen, they become even tougher. Thier major weakness is they are v e r y s l o w. One bad dice roll, an early turnover, a fumbled pick-up, a longbeard one square too far to the left, and the opposition can swoop in, nab the ball, and be off to the races before the stunty fellows even realize what happened. This team always does well in leagues, but don’t have the flexibility needed for the big games, so they rarely win the cup.

Chaos Dwarves
Similar to thier cousins they have linemen that are tough as nails. But that is where the similarities end. This team sacrified the staying power of the regular dwarves for more speed. Bull Centaurs with thier effective MA 9 and Str 4 are the work oxen of this team. But don’t underestimate the hobgoblins, a good core group of hobgoblins can excell this team past the dregs of mediocrity. They raised the price of RR’s for this team, but they are still a major contender.

Elven Teams

High Elves
In my opinion, this is probably the easiest Elf team to play with. The positionals are cheaper and the linemen have AV 8. They excell at the long ball with MA 8 Str 3 catchers, that with block can double as blitzers. Like all elf teams they have no ready access to strength skills, so you really learn on how to bash when needed and use that AG 4 to move your players, and the ball, around.

Wood Elves
The fastest most mobile team in the game. AG 4 across the board, MA 7 linemen, MA 9 catchers, these guys can move. Passing it deep is thier forte. On Defense, thier wardancers are one of the most feared players in the game. A leaping blodger strikes fear into cages everywhere. Thier weakness. . AV7. Most teams, including other elven teams, will elect to pummel them to the dirt. . .if they can catch them.

Pro Elves
All elf teams, in general, are fun to play because every one of thier players can be considered positionals. A linelf, whether he be dark, high, or wood, can catch, pass, run, hand-off the ball as good as anyone on the team, and better than most ball-handlers on other teams. And while the positionals are important, in a crunch any linelf can pick up the slack. The Pro Elves are a bit different. Thier Linelves are still good at handling the ball, but they are a bit weaker. With no exceptional speed, and below average armor, the life-expectancy of these sorry souls isn’t long. As such, unlike the other teams, the Pro-Elves rely heavily on thier skilled, expensive positionals to carry the team. They seem to do well in the early season, or short leagues. But time does take a heavy toll on this team.

Dark Elves
The Primo Supremo of the elven races. These guys rock. But of the 4 they are the hardest to play. They are slower then the other elven teams, and more expensive overall. To excel with this team you need to be able to adjust on the fly and use Smoke and mirror tactics. Change flanks, fake the run and make the pass, send some guys deep for the pass and then run, do a reverse, etc etc. With most teams you can pretty much guess what they are going to do, before you start setting up your players. Make sure your opponent can’t do that with your Dark Elves.

The Corpse Teams

The Undead
The generic Undead team. They have it all; mummies, gouls, wights, skeletons, and zombies. This team relies on its positionals to move the ball and hit thier opponent. They have the cheapest linemen in the game, whose sole purpose is to just be bodies in the way. A top notch team at all levels.

The Necro Team
Undead light. Same as the generic team, except they lose skeletons and mummies. They gain Flesh Golems, which are a little weaker, and werewolves, which are far and away the workhorse of the team. They are faster than the standard undead but lack the hittyness.

It’s hard to be kind to this team, because if there was a poll it would probably win the “Coach’s Choice least favorite opponent” award. 4 Mummies, and a bunch of worthless skeletons. It is a very difficult team to win with but a very easy team to destroy your opponents with. So while you may lose the game, the team you played against won’t look the same.

Vampires are awesome. They are strong, agile, have access to 3 skill categories and can do it all on thier own. In fact, they practically have to because the other players on the team aren’t that great. But don’t underestimate thier importance. If it wasn’t for Vampire’s “alternative lifestyle” this team would be grossly over-powered. As it is thier tendency to implode keeps them from being a very good team.

Chaos Teams

A horrible team at the start of the league, the entire team has strength, general, and mutation access which allows them a lot of room for development. The entire team is STR 4 when blitzing and until the advent of the Khemri they were the most feared team to take the pitch. Even now, a fully developped high TR chaos roster is something that people fear.

Nurgle’s Rotters
Almost the same as the other Chaos, without the apothicary they have a little trouble developping. The Rotters have Regenerate and can hold the line, but just aren’t as good as skilling up as the Chaos team is. A fun team to play because of thier ability to infect thier opposition, it’s just not a top tier team for winning leagues.


Bog standard team. The second best learning team behind humans. They have access to a lot of skills and have a large variety in thier roster. They are almost all AV 9 so are difficult to get off the pitch, and thier speed is somewhere between Dwarves and the all MA 6 teams. With Black Orcs and Blitzers they can have one of the strongest front lines in the game. They excell at just bashing thier opponent up the field, but with goblins you can’t leave out the option of a pass.

The second fastest team in the game. Movementwise they are as fast as Wood Elves, but they just don’t have the mobility due to the lack prolific AG 4. This is the only team in the game that has access to ALL skill categories. It relies heavily on positionals and can be good during all TR levels. Thier largest weakness is thier low armor, but a couple of key mutations, thier Rat Ogre, and stregth skills on thier Storm Vermin, can be used to limit thier weakness. Also a good team to start with, if you like the fast game, just don’t get too attached to your players.

One of the most heavily debated teams. A good number of people think they are too powerful and the same number of people will tell you that they are too weak. In reality they are a team of polar opposites. They have two positions and a big guy. They have a low agility, high armor, high strength bashy player (thier big guy is the same just bigger.) and a fast, little, fragile player. Playing this team well takes a lot of practice, but it can be one of the most rewarding.


These guys have no respect for life, especcially thier own. Not that good at bloodbowl they do like to spring lots of dirty tricks. When they take the pitch they don’t expect to win, and neither should you, the real advantage is that neither does thier opponent and sometimes by being underestimated the gobbos can sneak a win.

Well if there is one thing in Bloodbowl that halflings are good at it’s. . . . . oh who am I kidding, these guys stink. In fact, they wouldn’t even play bloodbowl if it wasn’t for the post game feast, the pre-game lunch, the pre-pregame lunch lunch, the warm up breakfast, the cool down brunch, and the halftime snack. The hardest thing about playing a halfing team is getting the jelly off your uniform after it ends.


Dem’ Ogres da bestest. Wez strongest, Wez toughest, Wez able to play Bloodball. Somebodies sayz diff’nt we hit them. Theyz go up an’ up an’ up an’ up. Some’a’da time dey don’t come down. Ogres eats a lot. Eats da Mostest!! Somez sayz little halfmen can eatz da most. We sayz Show me dat halfman AND I EATZ HIM!!!