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Blood Bowl Maxims

by Acerak (


Here, as I have learned them the hard way, are the maxims of Blood Bowl…

1.) The odds of doing something easy are 1 MINUS the odds of normally doing it successfully IF the game/TD/player’s life is on the line.

Example: Tutenkharnage, a MA4 Block/Frenzy/Tackle Mummy, has to Go For It once (with a reroll) to put a TZ on the Dark Elves’ DP. The odds of doing this successfully are normally 35/36. Since falling down in front of the DP could prove fatal, however, the odds shift to 1 MINUS 35/36 – or 1/36 – and Tutenkharnage rolls back-to-back 1’s and falls down in front of the DP.

Later in the same game, the Mummy throws a 3-die Block on a Block/Dodge Thrower in an effort to free the ball for a TD, which would give a Ghoul a skill. Of course, he rolls a 1 for the Go For It, rerolls it successfully, but then rolls 3 pushes for the Block.

2.) One of anything is a target.

Dauntless is a good skill, but if you only have one Dauntless player, he is soon taken out. Ergo, you need at least two players with Dauntless.

The same applies with Tackle – if you only have one, your opponent will take him out early and screw you over.

Position players are similarly affected – one Gutter Runner is an annoyance, but two actually represent a legitimate scoring threat.

COROLLARY #1: If you only have one such player and your opponent fails to take him out, he will always end up on opposite side of the field when you need his skills.

COROLLARY #2: Once your Tackler disappears, you will roll an inordinate number of {!} results on your Blocking dice.

3.) A player with a chainsaw will never get it running until there is an opponent within striking distance who can flatten him on the very next turn.

4.) When faced with an obvious mismatch in power, the team on the expected receiving end will do at least one rEEEally annoying (and usually fatal) thing to one of the opponents.

5.) If you wouldn’t really mind seeing a player die, he’ll live. If you’d hate to lose him, he’ll die next game.

6.) Having no concern for player safety ALWAYS pays off.

7.) If you are dead set on taking Block for your next skill, you will almost certainly roll doubles (Goblins and Halflings excepted).

COROLLARY #1: If you do not roll doubles, you will roll MA +1.

8.) If you get all the breaks against one opponent, it will probably even out next game – only you’ll get hosed by someone else, while your opponent will slay some hapless team who had nothing to do with the bad luck in the first place. This is nothing more than the sadistic whim of Nuffle.

9.) Wasting a reroll on something frivolous before doing something important ensures that, if not both, at least the important task will fail.

Example: Undead mummy throws a 2-die block against an Elf at midfield and rolls push back and skull. There is one Elf next to the End Zone; the Undead coach plans on having a Ghoul go for it to put at least a Tackle Zone on the Elf, thus forcing a dodge and holding up the pass.

The Undead coach decides to burn his team reroll for another shot at taking out the midfield elf who is nowhere near the play. The Mummy promptly rolls a pair of pushbacks.

The Undead coch then moves the Ghoul over towards the Elf near the End Zone and rolls a 1 on the GFI. Breaks armour. Dead ghoul.

#10. If your player is less than five points away from a star player roll he will die in and recieve the MVP.

#11. Laughing hysterically at your opponent’s turnover suddenly increases the odds of you failing your first action by 100%