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Dwarf Strategy

by humbe (FUMBBL)


Assuming you are tougher than your opponent, which should hopefully be the case for most opponents, the boring, probably unpopular, but obvious dwarf strategy goes like this.

During your offense, pick up the ball with your runners and use them as ball carriers. Give them block & dodge if possible to make it very tough to get the ball from them. Box’em in with your other players and use the rest of the half to score moving slowly forwards, knocking your opponents into the dugout. Think twice before trying to pass, dodge, or other risky practices. Wait to score until your opponent doesn’t have time to score for themselves. Give the rest of the players skills like mighty blow, guard, stand firm and dodge to make them hard hitting and tough to knock out.

On defense, if playing another slow team that won’t try to run through you, just maul them as good as you can. If playing fast/agile team, position players with tackle and stand firm carefully to require some dice rolling and maybe a reroll to get through your lines. Position two hard hitters with decent move behind your lines in an attempt to injure any player getting through to score. If you manage to lay a hand on the ball, secure it first, and then think about offense. If you start of receiving, you shouldn’t need to go on defense before the second half, and by then you should be in power play if your offense went good.

If played correctly, you should manage a 2-1 victory in most games, and you shouldn’t need rerolls during your offense since you’re not taking any chances. Note however, that players might not want to play you if your casualty rating gets too hairy.

In case you’re out of luck, or facing a team equally hard hitting as your own you might find yourself in a position where you cannot just go head to head with your opponent. If this happens you’re a bit out of luck as dwarves are not exactly known for their ball playing, though detecting the situation, playing extra cautious and taking a few more risks on the offense, you might manage to secure the game anyways. Consider planning ahead for this, to have a few skills on your team helpful in such a situation that might help you exploit whatever weakness the other team has.