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Dwarf Teams

by Mike (


Some people will claim they’re hard to win with, but a few basic strategies and they become scoring machines

Starting off in the league, Dwarfs generally have the advantage over other teams compared to other teams. Everyone except the runners having Block is very handy.

What you want to do, is every round, make sure the ball is safe from marauding gutter runners or catchers (Note, you don’t have to pick it up, tackle zones on the ball are just as goood), then proceed to bash the crap out of your opponent. Throw blocks left right and center, let no enemy escape unharmed from you Dwarfs. Throw 1 on 1 blocks, especially against opposing lineman (You have Block, they probably don’t), use your Troll Slayers to frenzy people either off the side line or into a big group of Dwarfs (FOUL!). Also, consider holding off scoring for a turn or two so you can remove a few more players permanantly from the game, though some opposing coaches do get annoyed by this tactic.

One of the big things people here find about it Dwarfs is that if i even glance at the range ruler they burst out laughing at the mere thougt of Dwarfs throwing the ball. Don’t be afraid to do it, and try to get a runner ASAP with Pass. Remember a throw from a runner is still accurate on a 3+ at quick range, or 4+ at short, and short is usually all you need.

Your Blitzers are the god send on the Dwarf team. These guys should be your scorers or support players as they are as agile as runners, 1 slower, but have Block. Admittedly it only takes one skill roll to get Blck for a runner, but i’d prefer a Thrower personally ;). In the last league i was in, one of my Blitzers got the following:-

Gruf Iceforge: Dwarf Blitzer
7 3 4 9 Blck, TSkl, Dodge, Ctch.

This guy was awesome, and you’d be surprised how shocked people are to see Dwarfs move 9 squares in one turn.

Re: The Cage tactic, I never bother with it. Just because Dwarfs are slower then most teams, doesn’t mean you still can’t score in 2 turns the normal way (ie run down the sideline). Push with your Runners/Blitzers alot and they can score easy, you’ve just got to be careful, and not get a Blizzard.

Get a Dirty Player ASAP as with any bashing team, and foul every turn with him if possible. The more players you take off, the easier it is to score.

For your Troll Slayers, the big thing you want for these guys is Mighty Blow ASAP, and if possible a Strength increase. ST 4 Blck, Daun, Frnz kicks some serious butt. Stand Firm is also very useful for them, as you can dodge with out fear of falling over, plus your that much harder to get away from the opposing players good players.

Guard is a must have for your Long Beards as well, as you can create a really nasty front line for your opponents, although your Guard players do tend to get picked on.

If you’re receiving the ball, always set up more players on the front line then the opponent to get that extra dice needed to decimate his/her front line. This is very important for winning the game. Generally with Dwarfs, if you win the toss at the start, you should win the match as you get first hit on your opponents and get to keep the ball safe.

My normal start up for a league is as follows :

2 Troll Slayers 180
2 Blitzers 160
1 Runner 80
6 Long Beards 420
2 Rerolls 80 – and far too cheap IMHO
8 Fan Factor 80

I usually don’t start with an Apothecary, but with 8 FF, can usually afford one after the first game.

The Star Players for Dwarfs are reasonable. Grim IronJaw is very good, as is Grimwold Grimbreath. The Deathroller sucks, no matter what people will tell you. The number of times if had that thing hit by the Custard Pie, and it’s even slipped on a Banana Peel before. Barik Farblast is good for getting the ball anywhere on the field instantly, though he does occasionally have problems picking up the ball (4+). Churn, while an amusing figure, is not the most practical of Star Players A 5+ to turn on the Chainsaw is not that great, but he’s fun and amusing if you manage to start it.

I think that’s all, good luck with them, hope this helps.