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Goblin Strategy Guide

by Rickard (FUMBBL)


First of all, if you really want to play the gobbos, then you have to realize that this game is all about having fun, and the Goblin team is all about creating chaos. It’s takes a different strategy to play with goblins and it’s hard. On the other hand, it takes a different strategy to play against goblins” too. Ok, now that you know that, let’s go over to buying the team.

Personally, I would go for the option 2 when creating my goblin team. That apothecary is really needed when you’re playing stunty teams. Further on, you don’t want to lose a troll. Catching up that loss would take forever.

If your income after the first game is low, then buy a goblin as a third substitute. I’ve discovered that 2-4 goblins gets a casulty against them during the game and it’s good to know that a BH is a ‘good’ deal, comparing to what could happend to the poor flings.

Concentrate on buying one more re-roll and goblin so the total would be 4 re-rolls and 14 players. That’s enough for most of the time. Actually, when the goblins are getting skills, then you wont need 4 re-rolls, but it’s a safety net. Do also buy extra assistant coaches. You wont really need this when you got 4 re-rolls, but you won’t be giving your opponent a free chance to get a re-roll. Also, re-rolls are good when you have to dodge from players with the Tackle skill.

When you reach this goal, freeboot wizards. By doing that, you won’t be increasing your TR that much and your goblins get more skills. More and more, by the way? The only skills they get is from touch downs. They wont get that many from completions and casualties. Remember that. Always have 10k-20k left after you freeboot your wizard. If you have 40-50k gold left, then you should consider freebooting a (non-turn-over-causing) Star Player, like Nobbla. Nobbla is good for blitzing and committing fouls.

Now we can go over to look at the team. What are it’s strengths and weaknesses and how can you use it for defensive and offensive strategy?


  • Big, stupid, strong, ugly. Like the avarage american football player.
  • 9 in AV and regenerate tells us that these players are here to stay.
  • Mighty Blow and only MA 4 makes this player a blocker.
  • Big guy, on the other hand, tells us that this is someone that causes turn overs.


  • Tiny, fragile, quick.
  • 6 in MA tells us that this player can move.
  • Stunty, Dodge that this player can move without thinking about the opponent.
  • Dodge tells us that we only have to watch out for players with block at the beginning.
  • AG 3 is not good. It’s unsafe to do anything, even dodging. Trust me on this one.


I can tell you right away that this team suffers from turn-overs all the time. You have to think ahead, doing the non-risky moves first and then do the main move for that turn. It can be blitzing the ball carrier (often with one die, do I hear “4 re-rolls”?), picking up the ball, doing the full movement with the ball carrier and then handing off the ball.

Spread tackle zones as far as possible over the field. Don’t put two goblins beside one another. Make the other coach blitz once per turn and no blocking and backup with a goblin one square behind the first one, so the blitzing player can’t continue his move. Use your trolls to hinder the opponents players, by blitzing or blocking and then stepping into a bunch of players and making them either block or dodge from the troll.

If the your opponent is going to do a TD in the next turn, try to put as many goblins next to his non-block-players, luring him into blocking you. There’s always a chance that the double skull-block-dice appear. This is also good for eating his re-rolls. This is especially effective against teams lacking Block. However, it’s suicide vs Dwarfs and the like.

If one ST 3 guy is standing besides two of your goblins, put a third goblin in there, block and then move the unused goblin to another place. If the block is successful, do a follow-up so that the other coach can’t use that player. Most people will be satisfied with just standing that player up.

I suggest this following setup when you’re kicking and if the rival team hasn’t got a big ‘un.


There’s little chance that you will let the opponent through this setup, without dodging through at least one tackle zone.

Try to block with the goblins first, so that you can use a re-roll if it’s a double skull (or POW/skull). Do not try to block if you have to move two goblins to make that block; you should dodge instead. Then make the moves with all your free goblins and put 2-3 goblins 2-3 squares from where the ball carrier is going to end up. Move the ball. Block and/or blitz with your trolls. Always try to do this with your trolls. If you can’t do either, try to move them as close as possible to the opponents. Do not try to do Go For It’s with them. Move the rest of the goblins that needs to dodge.

Do ‘not’ depend on skills, like “it’s just a 3+ roll with a skill. I can do that first of all”. Always do all the safe moves first!

Do not throw your goblins, if it’s not a crisis situation. They are quick enough that you can manage to do touch downs anyway. Besides, just look at the figures. It takes 2+ on three rolls (really stupid, always hungry, pass action) to even get that goblin in the air and not causing a turn-over if the goblin has the ball; if the goblin doesn’t, failed TTMs do not cause a turn-over. And then I’m not counting in the hand-off to the goblin that stands beside the troll. Throw goblins only if it’s no other chance to prevent or to complete a TD.


Troll: Block. Even turn down a double. You must decrease the chance of getting a turn-over when you block with your trolls. As second skill, why not Tackle, Sure Feet or the sneaky Guard? The later is useful to prevent the trolls assistant goblins to be knocked down. Break Tackle is especially effective on Trolls with Guard and a double (Pro, Dodge or Stand Firm).

If you roll a double, take Frenzy if you already have Block. Perhaps you could go crazy and take Pass? I wouldn’t recommend it, but hey. Playing goblins is all about having fun. The most popular double skill for a Troll is in fact Pro, which helps combat the Big Guy skill.

Goblin: Catch on all players. When you get your first Catch-goblin, use him to receive passes after a kick-off to get completions. It’s importent that all goblins gets at least one point, so that they can take a skill when they get a MVP. You should rarely risk passing the ball when you’re receiving. Use Catch to do hand-offs all the time. By doing this you can move from one side to another and finally tear his team apart, so there’s only 2-3 of the opponents players on the side that are on the side that the ball carrier is on. Catch is also really good for intercepting.

After Catch is taken, take Sidestep, Sure Feet or why not Pass Block (a double)? Don’t take skills that are useful against the opposing team. Just protect yourself and mind your own playing. Pass Block is good because that gives the goblin three extra squares to move. If it’s obvious that one players is going to recieve the ball, don’t do go for its to reach him. Let Pass Block take care of that. Also Catch and Pass Block is a good combination.

If you roll a double, pick Dirty Player. Have at least two DP in your team. It’s not like you don’t have substitutes. :) Use the DP to make the other coach use his apothecary. If you roll a third double, why not take Kick and then Block on the rest of the goblins. Sure Hands and Guard are also good doubles choices.

Good luck with your goblin!