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Goblin Tactics

by Robert Arnholm (Blood Bowl Home of @rnholm)


Most of all you Blood Bowl [BB] players says that the Halflings are the worst BB players but then you haven’t played Goblins yet.

Goblins looks like Halflings but they don’t have those big trees. Most of the Halfling coaches rely upon their Treemen to score 1-turn Touch Downs [TD]. But since the Goblins[Gobbos] only have their Trolls with Always Hungry and Really Stupid, and both these skills make it very unreliable to throw those small fellows… But on the other hand the have a lot of secret weapons and last but not least they gain a lot of “Dirty Trick-Cards” from their Wizard.

Starting a goblin team

Gobbos are very cheap (still more expensive than Halflings), and you can start with quite a few little fellows.

12 Goblins 480,000
Ripper Bolgrot 150,000
Apothecary 50,000
5 Fan Factor 50,000
3 Rerolls 120,000
1 Gobbo Wizard 150,000
Total Cost 1,000,000

Most of you think that Ripper sucks but at that point you have not seen his armour value[AV] of 10 and his Regeneration skill. With This combination he is very tough to kill and that is needed in a gobbo team. Besides it is very hard to include a Wizard at the same time as Morg’N’Thorg. But the point is that you need a big guy with Throw Team Mate. If you are playing with the rookie big guy many will include a rookie troll, but remember his negative skills, and you need a big gobbo lobber… You could if you want include the fast Scrappa Sorehead, used to score fast TD’s. This at a cost of a gobbo and 2 FF.

11 Goblins 440,000
Ripper Bolgrot 150,000
Scrappa Sorehead 60,000
Apothecary 50,000
3 Fan Factor 30,000
3 Rerolls 120,000
1 Gobbo Wizard 150,000
Total Cost 1,000,000

Playing a goblin team

Card selection:
With your Wizard in the team you will gain some extra Dirty Tricks, although you are playing a cheap team you will need some more big buy and they cost a lot. Random Event cards will give you the needed money.

You have 2 opptions to score:
1. Try to score 1-turn TD.
2. Use Scrappa, leaping over your oppnents heads.

Your enemy should always be afraid of your Troll to throw those little fellows around, which will make your opponent to spread his defence. This you can take advantige of and block his players with a lot of assists. With 2 assists you have a two dice block against most of your enemies. If his is still on the pitch let your next gobbo get dirty (+4 without Dirty Player).

How do you keep your gobbos on the pitch ?!? That is not an easy task but as usual don’t let your opponent get more than 1 block (ie the Blitz action). With dodge and stunty you don’t have any problem with getting out from his Tackle Zone’s [TZ].

Advancing goblins

Goblins, you will have a lot of these and if they stay alive long enough to gain skills you will need block and so on. But since they only able to take agility skills, you will have to go for skills increasing mobility. You will need a thrower gobbo with Sure hand
and Pass. Togehter with the thrower you need a catcher with catch…
Skills: Side Step, Sprint & Sure Feet.
Doubles: Block, Dauntless & Guard.

Trolls, big stupid things and you need to lose the Really Stupid skill (on doubles), and Block in every other cases.
Skills: Block, Guard & Stand Firm.
Doubles: Lose Really Stupid and ST advancement.