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High Elf Tactics

by Robert Arnholm (Blood Bowl Home of @rnholm)


The main problem with High Elves are the lack of Big Guys. All of the other team may begin with a big strong (stupid) guy, but not you. If your playing in a rough league with a lot Orcs, Chaos, Dwarfs and Undead teams this can be a problem. But remember, while you dont have an Armour Value[AV] of 9 you got somethine else.. With Agility 4 you can dodge out and minimize your opponents block opportunities. Overall the High Elves are fairly lowpowered, and their movment are generally insignifficant, but not that bad. With AV of 8 they can take a hit or two but they won’t survive in the long run.

Players in the High Elf team

Dragon Warriors (Blitzers)
Basically a human Blitzer with an extra AG point, costing 10k, not able to take Strenght, but with possibility to take Agility skills. Important players in the High Elf team, you should get two of them from the begining and never have less…

Lion Warriors (Catchers)
A Human Catcher with Strenght and Agility upgrade. Not bad, to bad they don’t start with dodge. Unfortunantly he’s never going to be a one turner (1-turn TD).

Phoenix Warriors (Throwers)
A overall good thrower and cheapest among the Elves. He can throw a Long Bomb at 5+, with a reroll. Not bad. Even though you normally shouldn’t have a Thrower in your elf team you might start think again when you start a new High Elf team.

Linemen (Lineelves)
Elf linemen are definetly the best you can get. Good AV, Good ST, Good MA and superb AG. You can rely on these guys. Never underestimate the lineman. He is tough, fearless and utterly devoted to any task you assign him. But remember even though they’re good, they ain’t immotal but expensive…

Advancing your team

Dragon Warriors.
Dodge for the first skill. Go for Dauntless (taking care of Big Guys) and Diving Tackle (protection). On doubles take Mighty Blow, after that maybe Stand Firm. You can always pray for a Streght increase…

Phoenix Warriors
Don’t bother doubles, go directly for Sure Hands and Accurate. After that you can throw a Long Bomb 4+ and you doesn’t have to bother about fumbling when you pick up the ball. After you got a good Thrower you might hire another one for offensive purpose, giving him Block, Dodge and Nerves of Steel.

Lion Warrior.
I always start with Dodge and Block. Now your Catcher is protected and he is much better then most Blitzers! Of course if you get an AG upgrade take Leap! If you roll the dubbles go for Strenght skills as Stand Firm (you don’t need to worry about missed dodges), Mighty Blow (unexpected) or Guard (always useful). You might go for two Catchers (offence/defence) one with Block/Dauntless/Mighy Blow/Diving Tackle and one with Block/Dodge/Nerves Of Steel/Stand Firm.

Block/Dodge. Okay giv half your guys Block and the rest Dodge. Block is always useful and while one of your main mission every turn is to dodge out of your opponents tackle zone. Dodge will keep you from unpleasent surprises. Then of coures you give one Dirty Player, for fouling. The dirty player should get Pro and Dodge(protection) later. One or two players gain Dauntless to take out the big guys that you don’t have. On doubles, get guard to toughen up the line of scrimmage, or maybe Mighty Blow. Most of your players should have Diving Tackle as second or third skill.

Starting a team

8 Linemen 560,000
1 Phoenix Warriors 80,000
2 Dragon Warriors 200,000
2 Re-Rolls 100,000
6 Fan Factor 60,000
Total: 1000,000

There are some changes you may consider, first you can remove a re-roll and upgrade a Lineman to Lion Warrior and add three points to your FF, since you will need the money. You could also consider starting with 10 players and an apothecary from start, keeping two re-rolls and adding 2 to your FF.

If you don’t start with an apothecary that is what you first will buy. You can’t afford losing any players they are to expensive.

Tactics on the field

With High Elves you should concentrate your attack against one of the enemy flanks, and secure a foothold deep inside enemy territory, so that some of your players can reach the endzone next turn. Make sure to make a good cage so that at least one of your players are unreacheable by opposing players, so you can avoid tackle zones on your player. The other main theme in any Elf player tactics should be to get out of reach from you opponents blocks and only allow him to one (his Blitz action) block action.

Meanwhile get the ball, and move it into your backfield. Safe from any long running Blitzers. You can not afford any problems with your Thrower this early in your turn. To score, Blitz and block an opening for your reciever. Run your Thrower forward and toss the ball. I wouldn’t say there is any problem scoring with a lineelf. Most players prefer score with their Dragon and Lion Warriors, but don’t worry they will get enough SPP’s anyway. A Lineelf with Block and Dodge is a true pain, and you’ll love him dearly.

On defense, you have greater problems. You can never be safe when you meet a tougher team, (Orc/Dwarfs) and you should always be careful when you meet a faster team (Woodies/Skaven). When meeting tough teams never ever stand still, even though it doesn’t has any meaning now you will confuse those stupid orcs! Remember do only allow one block (the Blitz), you can either dodge away or block him (there are no problem dodge away to give another Elf assist on his block!). Playing Wood Elf and Skaven look out for thier Wardancers and Gutter Runners (they always got a one turner), and remember thier AV is lower than your.