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High Elves

by Sigurd Garshol (Coach Blacknife's Dugout)


Dragon Warriors (henceforth known as Blitzers)
Basically a human Blitzer with an extra AG point, costing 10k. He can take both General and Agilirty skills. Did I hear Dodge? It is likely to be worth it, but Leave leap to the catchers and other schmoes.

Use your blitzers to punch holes in the oppositions lines, and to protect your friends. If the going gets tough, hand the ball over to him and let him score.

The Blitzer should aquire Dodge, Dauntless and possibly Diving Tackle. Doubles should be spent on Mighty Blow. Multiple doubles should be spent on combat skills, even though he can take these ordinarilly (yes, you may have to turn down a double!) Magic helmet? This is the guy that deserves it. PRAY for a ST increase.

Lion Warriors (henceforth known as Catchers)
A human catcher with an extra point of ST and AG. Somewhere this guy lost his Dodge-skill. He costs 20k more than his human counterpart, and could use some protective skills.

With a ST of 3, this guy can blitz his way out of a pocket and move fast enough to get to the end-zone. He is never going to be a 1-turner (unless you spend three lucky rolls getting MA+2 and Sprint). You might ignore speed at the benefit of safer movement. Block and Dodge is good. Leap allows you to get out of the really tough breaks. Doubles? Mighty Blow is a shock for the opposition (who expects a Catcher with MBlw?), but Stand Firm is allso an option. However, I would rather go for Block and Dodge first, then either consentrate on speed or maneuverability.

Phoenix Warriors (henceforth known as Throwers)
The cheapest elven thrower available. Allthough Sure Hands is something all the other teams have, This guy throw long bombs at 5+, with a reroll.

Get the ball, move into a forward position, lob the ball to a nearby line-elf, run line-elf to back-field. Move Catchers and potential touch-downers forward into enemy territory. Next turn, move line-elf-with-ball forward, hand over ball to thrower, Clear path for catcher, lob ball to catcher, score.

The above tactic won me a 4-2 victory over Sewer-79’ers. Blast those rats.

Skills? Only Passing or move-related skills for this bloke. Here you might find yourself forced to ignore the roll of doubles. Consider the possibility that you have gained two skill rolls, and roll a double for your third. Is there really any point in taking an Str-skill just to use the Double? Remember that the next roll is FAR away, and the Throwier sn’t likely to get points for much else than completions… And Sure hands is well worth taking as the second skill (after Accurate).

Linemen (henceforth known as Line-Elves)
Costly target-practice for the opposition.

Line-elves should do what line-elves do: Put out a lot of tackle-zones and block the way for those big monsters. Keep your boys out of trouble (or out of striking distance) whereever possible. Captialise on their high AG and move to concentrate your blocks. If your opponent can make a block only once per turn, you are getting somewhere. Ever thought about scoring with a line-elf? Consider doing so if one is in the right position…

The first skill of these dudes should be dodge or block, followed by block and diving tackle respectively. You will also need some with dauntless (and later block). And of course your Dirty Player. Consider taking Dodge before taking Pro as the DP’s second skill. Let the Dauntlessing dude bring down the big brutes, and foul them (a lovely combination). Do not give DP to your Blitzers, as these are needed on the field. Did you roll a double? Cool. Guard and Mighty Blow are must-haves.
A suggested setup:

2 Blitzers 200
1 Thrower 80
8 Line-elves 560
2 Rerolls 100
6 Fanfactor 60

This will give you a bit stable team from the start. You should also consider removing a reroll and upgrade a Line-elf to Catcher and add three points to your FF. You will need the money. You could allso consider starting with 10 players and an aporthecary from start, keeping two rerolls and adding 2 to your FF.

After your first match, buy an apothecary. The most important thing will be to add man-power to your team. Extra Line-elves will be wonderful.

For your first games, play the weak opponents (other elf-teams). Don’t worry about losing, just rack up the MVP’s and a few Comps to go with your TD’s Casualties are a bonus, but if you can play a couple of clean games, so much the better.

Stars? Earen Wyrmsbane if your league allows the OBERWALD stars. Prince Moron? Only if you have to, mate.

General Strategy. If you are managing to beat the shit out of a chaos team (I mean, throwing people into injury boxes and KO boxes all the time due to amazing luck), you have no rush scoring. If you are low on men, try to score as often you can. Knocking people down is as good as dodging away from them, and even safer in the long run. Capitalize on agility to play a passing game. And I MEAN a passing game. You don’t have the movement ot just hand the ball over to the catcher and have him run home.