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How to write your own Book of Grudges

by Simon Danielsson (Paradigm Central)


So, you’re thinking about playing Dwarves? Good Choise. They are IMO the best basherteam around (Orcs come close though). This is the story of how I built my very successful Dwarven team Zeus Slayers. It was used in a No Starplayers (except Secret Weapons), No Wizard (i.e. no Alchemist) league.

Buying your team

Well. For starters we have the question of starting lineup.
Dwarves areprobably the team with the toughest starting lineup. Take advantage of that and build a strong team from the beginning. But as with all teams, go for high FF (7 at the least) and at least two Rerolls.

My Starting squad was:
1 Runner: 80,000
2 Blitzers: 160,000
2 Trollslayers: 180,000
6 Longbeards: 420,000
2 Rerolls: 80,000
8 FF 80,000

Total: 1,000,000

You might want to change a Trollslayer for a runner and a point of FF.
(in fact, would I to start a new Dwarf Team I’d do just that) but suit
your self.

This is a very strong starting team and I think with a little good
coaching you’d definitely win the first couple of games.

Filling up your roster

After the first game, buy an apothecary. Even though Dwarves have high
AV, they are expensive and a death can be hard to replace. Next, buy the
last position player. Thensave up for a big guy (Ogre’s most often) then
another. Fill up your squad with longbeards and a deathroller if you’re

When you have 14-15 players you can wait with the last longbeard and buy
a couple of rerolls. It’s a great way to lose some teamrating.

Choosing Skills

Dwarves are a strength team. Their strength is to hit people out to the
“Dead and Injured Box”. Elves throws and catches. Dwarves bash. Remember
It’s a waste of time trying to develop throwers and catchers, when all
you have to do is make each Dwarf a killer. If you have eleven guys on
the pitch against his 5 you’re going to win.

That’s what I had in mind when I started my team.

Here’s how you should develop your Dwarves:


First skill: Mighty Blow
Second skill: Guard
Third skill: Stand Firm or Pro
Fourth skill: Pro or Stand Firm
Doubles: Dodge.

Their only way of earning SPPs is through casualties and MVP’s. Giving
them Mighty Blow makes them earn SPP’s at a much higher rate.
Guard is invaluable in all surcomstances.
Make half of them MB, Guard, SF, and the other half MB, Guard, Pro.
The standfirmers has line duty on defence and the pro guys on offence.
On a doubles as first or second roll, then take stand firm instead of
guard. Still Mighty Blow first though.

Don’t take Dirty Player. Mighty blow is not much worse when fouling and
it can be used on every block.


First skill: Mighty Blow
Second skill: Guard
Third skill: Pro
Fourth skill: Stand Firm
Doubles: Dodge

Do you see a pattern? Good. Theese are just faster Longbeards. Faster
killing machines. Never take catch or sure hands or something. It’s a
waste. Doubles? Always dodge. The skill after dodge shall be Stand firm.
Then continue were you left of in the “Skill Hierarchy”.

In a league with many elves you might consider giving them tackle as
third or fourth, but otherwise, don’t.

Troll Slayers:

First skill: Mighty Blow
Second skill: Stand Firm
Third skill: Guard or Pro
Fourth skill: Pro or Guard
Doubles: Dodge

I don’t think I need to explain myself on Mighty Blow anymore. Standfirm
helps them survive after they’ve done what they do best. Shove the other
team of the pitch. Guard or Pro? well, Make one a guarder and the other a
Dodge is great. They are the weak (AV wise) in your squad and they are
allways targets. Make them hard to take down.

In a league with many elves you might consider giving them tackle as
third or fourth, but otherwise, don’t.


First skill: Block
Second skill: Accurate
Third skill: Stong Arm, Pass, Dump Off
Fourth skill: Pass, Strong Arm, Dump Off, Nerves of Steel.
Doubles: Dodge.

This is the only position I’m not really sure at. I was very lucky
getting +1 AG and Dodge on one of mine and the other was almost never
allowed to play.
Dump Off might be concidered earlier.

The Game

Always elect to recieve. I don’t buy that “let them score and then score
late” crap. at least not with Dwarves. I rather kick their ass. Score.
And then take the ball from their 4-5 guys and score again.

Place your Mighty Blowers on the line to punch their frontline. Make sure
you can get at least two shots at each of them (i.e. strike diagonally
and puch them left or right where another killer can strike him.

Place your Trollslayers in a blitzing position. And try to push someone
into the crowds. You can go to lengths about it, just make sure they
don’t have to roll a two dice block AGAINST you if they only get a pushback

Take their Dirty Player out as fast as you can.

Foul every turn if you have a Mighty Blower and a Reroll handy. And take out
his key players.

Pick up the ball and protect the ballcarrier with at least two Guarders.
Advance him to were you have the most of your players, or send him
heavily protected into an unguarded widezone.Don’t pass, unless you need


Three Longeards on the line. The rest deep, just without blitzing range.
Since dwarves are very slow and unable to dodge you need them free of
taclezones to manouver them to where they can stop the offence.

If they form a cage. Put tacklezones on them. If they run in with a
couple of catchers: Blitz one of them and put at least two tacklezones on
the others, and force them to dodge into another tacklezone.

Well that’s about all I can think of right now. I hope you have now
learned enough to start writing your own book of grudges.

And remember. A Dwarf never forget. If someone does you wrong: remember
name and number and kill him the next time you get the opportunity.
Saying: “That’s for what you did to XXXXXXX!”

Good Luck.