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Human Strategies

by Andy Welton (Blood Bowl Central)


Example of a starting Human Team.

These is two example teams I use on a regular basis for Blood Bowl.

Human Example 1
3 Blitzers 270,000K
2 Catchers 140,000K
1 Thrower 70,000K
6 Linemen 300,000K
3 Rerolls 150,000K
7 Fan Factor 70,000K
TOTAL 1,000,000

Human Example 2
4 Blitzers 360,000K
2 Catchers 140,000K
1 Thrower 70,000K
5 Lineman 250,000K
2 Rerolls 100,000K
7 Fan Factor 70,000K
TOTAL 1,000,000

I ususally take this team when I am playing in a conservative league. But when every one is out to kill, I take this team. If we play with Bigguys I forgo the catchers and take an Ogre , a lineman, and 4 fan factor

The Human Players (pros and cons)

Blitzers are one of the better players in Blood Bowl. (at least the best Human player type). They are quick and tough. I tend to use the Blitzers as a mix between bruisers and catchers. They have the ability to do both then why not do it. When my Blitzers move they always move in pairs. That way they can protect each other and keep opponents away. They are also real good protecting catchers as they run for a td.

Skills:When my Blitzers get a first skill I usually give them Mighty Blow (more casualties!!... The humans need to pack as much punch as they can get.) But if I ever roll doubles for the Blitzer, they get dodge. The block-dodge combo is a must for my blitzer. Otherwise I get them a mix of skills , tackle, leader, and sometimes pro.

Catchers are by far the most picked on players on my human team. That usually happens to low strength players. Everyone I know tries to take out my catchers. You need to protect them as best as you can. One strategy you can use (and I have used) is to get Right Stuff skill and toss them for td’s. But that usually makes them have a very large target on their heads. :)

Skills: When my catchers get skills, the first one is Block. That way it helps to protect them. Also other skills I try to give them is sprint, catch, and pass block. Pass block can stop any foes offensive drive and remember you get 2 tries to intercept the ball(1 for catch and 1 for pass Block.) As I said for above, another skill that I give to my catchers is Right Stuff. If you give them right stuff make sure you give them pro (it is great for that last minute TD to win the game when you have no rerolls left and you fail a land roll).

Throwers are the compliment to the catchers. I tend to use them as my original ball handlers and literally sit in the pocket until there is a need for a pass. I try to keep them out of danger like my catchers. (like hiding behind blitzers or Ogres.

Skills:When my throwers get a skill I usually give the pass skills. Accurate is always the first skill I give them. That way you can get more completions therefore more skill points. Then strong arm is the other skill. If I feel like I need to, I give the throwers block. That way it could protect them from possible danger.

Linemen…... There is no real strategy with them. I tend to use the on the front line like linemen should be. They should be played so they get in the way of the enemy and make a hole for your offense. They are what people call ‘disposable heroes’. If they die on the field of combat they can be replaced fairly easy. (except for that one really cool guy that got all the casualties.) Give your linemen a personality. That makes it much more fun to play them.

Skills: If they get skills, I usually give them block and then tackle. Other skills could be useful such as Dirty Player, leader, or even dauntless (use this to take down that annoying minotaur picking on your linemen).

How the troops are placed

Human team Kicking off

Human team Kicking off

Human team receiving a kick-off

Recieving: Just one way I set up the offense. Sometimes I use more catchers if we are playing in a ‘nice’ league, Or just a fun game.

Kick Off: Same as above.