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Khemri Strategy

by unknown (FUMBBL)


The dead are unquiet in the blighted necropolises of the land of Khemri, ruled by the Tomb Kings and driven by black arts and hatred of living things…

If you ranked all the Bloodbowl playing races in terms of brutality and death-dealing, most coaches would agreed Khemri are right at the top of the list, right from the beginning. Some would say that they have little option but to butcher the opposition team, so poor are their ball-playing skills.


Access to four mummies, and cheap, expendable (and regenerating) linemen. The Khemri team is good at keeping the ball safe until the end of the drive, and ripping the opponent apart at the same time. They are obviously suited for playing the running game.


AG2 or less all round, and rather low average MA make for poor manouverability, and make any ball handling a risky busness. If you aren’t careful, your opponent will run rings around you.

General tips

4 Mummies can hold a line very well, but a couple of well placed skeletons can really help by reducing assists and keeping players pinned/cover the gap in the line if a mummy gets knocked down.

With AG2, more so than any other team, you must protect the ball when you attempt to pick it up. Make sure there are plenty of players there in case things go wrong.

Offense/Defence tips

There are two basic offenses open to the Khemri. First of all you can pick up the ball with a Thro-Ra (or a Blitz-Ra with Sure Hands) and protect him as he takes it all the way for a TD (my prefered tactic), or you can advance with as many skeletons as possible and Hail Mary Pass it to a large group of them and get one of the to pick it up (I prefer this as a back up plan as descirbed below).

In either case you want to use your Mummies (with a few support players) as player magnets. Try to keep as many players in their tackle zones as possible, and keep them fairly spread out. The more players trying to deal with each Mummy, the less there are to deal with your advancing hord of skeletons.

Against bashy teams, it’s best to keep your horde central. If one wing is getting low on opposing players (either because they are being removed from the pitch, or because they are pre-occupied by your mummies else where), you have to take the initiative and advance as many players as you can (spearheaded by a Blitz-Ra to knock out of the way any annoying players) as far down that wing as possible. If done right, you should give yourself enough time to give your ball carrier a free run before your opponent is able to get through all those skeletons.

An alternative to this is to slowly easy your way down one of the wings, with your Mummies (once again with support) all on the wing on which you are advancing, but still fairly spread out, using your Blitz-Ras to clear players near the sidelines (either off the pitch, or away from the sidelines depending where they are), and just keep. Your skeletons should just act like moving shields and plug up any gaps in your line as and when they appear. Just keep forcing your way down the line and you should eventualy get there, especialy if your Mummies do a good job of pinning players down.

In all offensive drives, if your ball carrier starts to get bogged down (and has Hail Mary Pass), try and get as many skeletons as you can deep into the opponent’s half (this shouldn’t be too hard with most of your opponent’s players trying to keep your ball carrier’s group from advancing), form a fairly dispersed cluster, and simply throw the ball into the centre of them. Hopefuly next turn one of them will be able to pick up the ball and you will suddenly be right near the TD zone.

Despite beating quite a few agile teams with my Khemri, I can’t think of any specific stratergy I use against them off the top of my head, so I will think about my plays a bit more next time I play an agile team with them (needless to say, caging, hitting people with mummies, and fouling players who are a potential threat to your ball carrier all go a long way to helping you win)

On defence, I find it best to set up your mummies (and one other player in the centre) 2 (or 3) squares back from the line of skrimmage, positioned so that they cover all squares in their line with TZs. They are no use on the line, as your opponent will likely be able to knock one (or if they are bashy, all of them) down, and then leave all the others so far behind that they will have no further effect on the drive. This way, not only will it be difficult for them to break the line if they have no ST4+ players, but it also means your mummies will be in a better position should they do so.

Once it’s your turn, keep a couple of safeties at the back, and move everyone else in close (making sure your opponent will have to try particuly hard to get past on the wing). With at least 2 mummies at your opponent’s main attack point (and usualy on either side of any formation he has formed), and safeties keeping the back field safe, your opponent will have to spend a lot of effort simply getting a player or 2 through, let alone in a safe position. Also, it’s a good idea to send a skeleton or 2 into your opponent’s backfield if he’s left them open on the line of scrimmage to put pressure on the ball carrier.

If your opponent has attacked a wing, one of the mummies on the other wing (the one closest to the centre) should try and get over there as fast as possible, while the other should just pick up any stray players on that wing.

If he has a mainly central attack, or even better, he hasn’t attacked your second line at all, move all your mummies in to their line (one at either end and the other two spaced so that the Mummies are roughly equidistant) and use a few skeletons to fill in gaps (and a couple more to get around their flanks). Don’t forget to keep some safeties though. Once the line is secure, try and put as much pressure on their ball carrier as you can afford. And the rest is pretty standard stuff…if the opponent loses the ball, get as many skeletons to cover it as soon as possible.