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Necromantic Strategy

by unknown (FUMBBL)


Necromantic teams are an interesting mix of power and scoring potential. This team is pretty much a Bashy team vs High speed teams and a speed team vs other bashers; note that the wolves must be placed so your opponent can block/foul them as little as possible as if he does he can kill them with a bit of luck, which will put your team in a bit of trouble.


The primary strength of the Necromantic team is its powerful positional players allowing the team the choice of a speed based game or a power based game.


Some positionals (wolves and ghouls) dont have Regen and are quite expensive, so their death can put a big dent in the team’s ability to play its next matches.


Wolfs can be converted into high speed blitzers by taking skills like Block, Dodge, Tackle and Mightyblow, or even scoring machines by taking Block, Dodge, Move increases and Sidestep. Jump up and Mighty Blow are undeniably the best doubles choices for the wolfs.

Ghouls should be developed into good passers/runners as they will score most of the TD’s unless the wolves become scoring machines

For Wights Tackle is the best first skill with Guard then Mighty Blow being good doubles choices.

Zombies should take Block/Tackle with guard being a great doubles choice (Mighty Blow is a good second doubles pick); getting a Kick zombie and a Dirty player zombie are purely optional choices.

Flesh Golems should take Block and then either Guard or MB (I prefer guard as you can always take MB later) and can be used to attempt to walk into opponents cage if you’re having troubles breaking it.

Offense/Defence tips:

On defence you should put 3 Zombies on the line and keep your positionals back ready to react to your opponents move. The wolves are great at blitzing ball handlers, and with catch they have two chances to intercept, so keep them close to your opponents.

On offense, depending on how aggressive you want to play, you can either put the wolves on the line (near the center, Block diagonally so you can push your foe along the line) or near the sides so they can blitz and threaten a score.