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Orc Strategy

by unknown (FUMMBL)


Orcs are the original basher team of Blood Bowl, yet can play with an element of finesse, too. They usually bash and run, employing ‘the Cage’, but with developed Throwers and skilled Blitzers and Goblins, can pass with reasonable success too. They even have the option of going for a Throw Team Mate one-turn touchdown in an emergency, using a Troll to hurl a Goblin teammate towards the endzone, and the Goblin runs the rest of the way.


Orcs have many; cheap, highly armoured Linemen, under-priced Blitzers who are the core of the team, up to four Black Orc Blockers to provide considerable muscle to the roster, a Troll and even some Goblins to use as catchers or to make up the numbers. It is tempting to frontload an Orc team at the start, and watch the rookie opposition team futilely try to find a two-dice block to make a hole through the wall of greenskins.


Orcs don’t have many, possibly the biggest one is the difficulty in developing the Black Orcs, as they rarely score and cause only the odd casualty. Some coaches start with all four Black Orcs, hoping that they will snag more of the MVP awards early on. Orcs are not particularly quick, so careful positioning is required.


Always have one goblin on hand if you got a troll. Even if it’s very unlikely you can score in a single turn, it’s still better then no chance at all in desperate situations.

Utilize your Guard Blitzers for the running game. If you play to win with the orcs, they can outscore any team on a good day. Your Black Orcs are not called linemen for a reason, it is a smart thing to have a couple deeper down in your defence, allowing them to reach your opponent despite their limited range.