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The Chaos Strategies

by Mike Cooley (


I honestly believe I have found the best Chaos Starting Team ever and I am willing to share my information with you. This is my starting team and it is worth trying:

Lord Borak 160K
2 Chaos Warriors 200K
7 Beastmen 420K
1 Gutter Runner 80K
1 Re-roll 70K
7 Fan Factor 70K
Total 1,000K

Most will skoff at starting a team with an ally Gutter Runner but trust me, this is really the best starting team you can use.

The whole offensive idea is to pocket your gutter runner, break a hole and put in some defense, then run the gutter runner right to the end-zone.

On defence put the gutter-runner off the pitch or way in back, 2 beastmen about half way back, Borak and your warriors on the front line, 2 beastmen in each side zone and one between the line and your two middle guys. Remember Borak and the warriors can take a beating.

The only skills you should give your Gutter-Runner should be sidestep then surefeet then sprint then leap unless you roll doubles, then you give them Very Long Legs.

Borak and the warriors are front-liners. Give the warriors block then piling-on then guard then standfirm. If you roll doubles on any chaos warrior at any time give him Razor Sharp Fangs.

Select one beastman to give kick then block then stripball then frenzy

Select two beastmen to give Dirty player then block then pro then frenzy

The other four beastmen should get Block then guard then standfirm then mighty-blow. These will be to compliment your front-line.

In your first few games do not try to win by touchdown. Try to get as many casualties as possible even if it means fouling and gettin a guy kicked out of the game. Remember, if they can’t put 3 guys on front-line then you win (opponent’s choice). Also on your first few games take all Random events (trying to get those money cards)

After your first few game you should have enough money to buy stuff, here is a list of stuff to get: First is the apothecary (only because of the gutter-runner, remember to save him for your gutter-runner). Second should be 2 more chaos warriors. Third should be your wizard. Fourth, if you use rookie big guys in your league you should get 2 rookie minotaurs.

This is my personal starting line-up and my win loss record is 25 to 5. Although if your league does not use ally rules then sorry for wasting your time.