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The Undead Strategies

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I have been playing undead since first starting BloodBowl and I must say they are one of the best teams out there if played correctly.

People say that the other races can “dance” around undead, that is not true. Just look at the above average 7 movement on the ghouls, or the average 6 movement on the wights. Do not forget the vampires movement of 6 also, they might be big guys but they are worth the effort it takes to lose the off-for- a-bite drawback skill.

Well let’s see about the truth aspect of the undead. Number one is the fact that they are hard to kill, everyone of them except for the ghouls have regenerate. Number two is the well-known fact that the mummy is the heaviest hitting non-star player in the hole game that isn’t an ally. And number three is that the vampire is one of the best allies in the game.

The Star Players

Hmmm. You can’t possibly say that Count Luthor Von Drakenborg is a bad SP. For 180K you get a 6/5/4/9 with hypnotic gaze, regenerate, block, and dodge. The hypnotic gaze works 50% of the time on almost all the BB players in the game. That is it for mentionable SP’s until the 4th edition comes out.

The Starting Team Almost any good BB player will tell you that the starting team is what decides how good your team will be. It is no different with the undead.

The first team is assuming you may start the league with Star Players.

Count Luthor Von Drakenborg 180K
2 Mummies 200K
4 Ghouls 280K
4 Zombies 120K
8 Fan Factor 80K
2 Re-rolls 140K
For a grand total of: 1,000K
This team is a heavy beat-down with 4 ball-handlers.

This second team is assuming you can’t start or have SP’s in your league.

2 Wights 180K
2 Mummies 200K
2 Ghouls 140K
5 Zombies 150K
2 Skeletons 60K
3 Re-rolls 210K
6 Fan Factor 60K
For a grand total of: 1,000K
This team has 13 starting players and plays a bit differently. Because there is no SP I am starting this team with 3 re-rolls instead of two.

The Tactics for Team 1

The setup is an easy one if going for offense. In the middle of the front- line is Count Luthor, flanked by a zombie on each side, next to each zombie will be a mummy and on the other side of each mummy will be another zombie. In each wide-zone will be a ghoul one space back from the line and two spaces away from the side. Finally and most importantly is the last two ghouls set into receiving position. When you start the very first thing to do is hit with Luthor then with the mummies, all those hits should give you 2 dice and if you are lucky you took a few guys off the field (remember to follow up with the mummies, because it is gonna be hard for someone to get two dice on one of them). The next thin is to pick up the ball with one of the ghouls then go right up behind the front line. Use the other 3 ghouls to box him in. Finally hit with your zombies, if you can you should declare one as your blitz so you can foul someone. If all goes good then your ball is pocketed, now all you have to do is march up the middle while hurting people until the point were a ghoul can break away with the ball for a touchdown.

On Defense setup your front-line the same. with 2 ghouls in the center of the wide-zone one space back from the line. Chances are that your mummies will stay standing along with Luthor, and your zombies got knocked on there @$$es. One of your ghouls most likely got blitzed and possibly injured (they do only have a 7 armor).

Once it is your turn you should put the smack down with Count Luthor and the mummies, then stand up your zombie’s and move them in on the line, If some zombies were standing wait till the end of the turn to hit with them. You should now try to send 2 ghouls to the back (just in case) and if you can move the other two in on the ball-handler you should do so.

The Tactics for team 2

On offense you should setup your front-line like this. Three zombies in the middle with one skeleton on each side and a mummy next to each skeleton. One wight should go in each wide-zone one space back off the line and 2 off the side and once again two ghouls in receiving positions.

The first thing to do is to hit with your mummies (do not follow up if you only push), hopefully you knock the opposition down (and hurt them) so that the mummies can now assist the skeletons so they can get two die hits. If you can go all the way down the line getting two die hits do so and never follow up. The reason for not following up is so that next turn any hits the want to do is gonna be a blitz. Once again you must pick up the ball and pocket it behind the line. Now bring the two wights around to help secure the ball, if one of your wights can get a one die blitz on someone do so now. If you have successfully pocketed the ball now, once again, march up the middle while hurting people and get that TD.

On defense put three zombies in the middle flanked on each side by a mummy with another zombie next to them. Now put a wight and a skeleton next to each other in the middle of the wide-zones (the skeletons go to the insides) one space away from the line. Then on you play the same as the other team just instead of sending the ghouls to the back you send the skeletons and use your wights as blitzers.

The skills Each of the undead players have a different role on the team. These are the skills I have found work the best on the different players.

1) Block
2) Piling On
3) Stand Firm
4) Guard
5) Pro
If you ever roll doubles give him diving tackle.

1) Strip Ball
2) Frenzy
3) Dauntless
4) Pro
5) Pass Block
If you ever rolls doubles give him diving tackle.

2 of your ghouls should get:
1) Sure Hands
2) Catch
3) Side Step
4) Sure Feet
5) Sprint
If you ever roll doubles give him pass.

The other ghouls should get:
1) Block
2) Dirty Player
3) Pro
4) Strip Ball
5) Diving Tackle
If you ever roll doubles give him Stand Firm.

1) Block
2) Dauntless
3) Tackle
4) Pro
5) Dirty Player
If you ever roll doubles give him Guard.

1) Dirty Player
2) Kick
3) Block
4) Pass Block
5) Pro
If you ever roll doubles give him Stand firm.

Your Money

The first things you should spend your money on is Players. Fill up on wights, ghouls, and mummies, then get 2 skeletons if you don’t already have them. After that I would suggest re-rolls and (if allowed) a rookie vampire. Always keep at least 70K in your treasury in case of a extra training card. If you can I would suggest cheerleaders and coaches quick, if you can get two or three of each after your first game do so.


I would just like to say that the same thing does not work for everyone. This is the way I play undead and it has been all good for me. I do not guarantee that this will work for everyone. I myself have posted a 15-6 record which is good seeming that I have a bad habit of forgetting my turn marker.