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The Undead Strategies

by Andy Welton (


Undead are too powerful!! This is a common opinion (and I repeat opinion). But contrary to popular belief, (especially in the Pegasus League in Madison WI), Undead can be beat, they do have disadvantages.

The Undead are not known for their quickness, agility, or ability to consistently stay in one piece. They cannot run like the Skaven, pass like the elves, nor do they have the toughness of the Orcs. Playing an Undead team takes time and a ton of patience. You must realize that you might fumble more that any other team and move slower (except Dwarfs). But with time the Undead team can be formed into one of the more powerful teams of this great game of Blood Bowl.

Example of a starting Undead Team.

These is two example teams I use on a regular basis for Blood Bowl.

Standard Undead
2 Mummies 200,000
2 Wights 180,000
2 Ghouls 140,000
4 Skeletons 120,000
2 Zombies 60,000
3 Rerolls 210,000
9 Fanfactor 90,000
TOTAL 1,000,000

Quick Undead
2 Mummies 200,000
2 Wights 180,000
4 Ghouls 280,000
4 Skeletons 120,000
2 Rerolls 140,000
8 Fanfactor 80,000
TOTAL 1,000,000

The only reason I have a super high fanfactor is that the more ff you have at the beginning of the season the more money you make.

The Undead Players (pros and cons)

Mummies: Mummies are by far my favorite players in Blood Bowl. They are casualty machines if you play them right. I usually place them right on the front line since that seems to suit them real well.

Skills: When a mummy gets his first skill give him Block. It is a must for the powerful mummy. I then try to model him after my star player mummy. If he ever rolls doubles, I give him Dodge. Some people give the mummies when they roll doubles Diving Tackle. I personally do not agree with this. I visualize mummies as an immovable force and I try to tailor them that way. If they get a third skill I usually give them Stand Firm. This way it almost guarantees that he will be standing and ready to knock others down. Another second skill I like to give my mummies is Piling On. This just adds to the fun.

Wights: Wight are what I consider blitzers for the undead. They are quick enough to score and tough enough to stay living through a block. I usually use them for scoring along with the Ghouls. And I play the wights as protectors for the Ghouls as they run down the field.

Skills: The usual skill I give a wight is diving tackle, if they roll doubles. Otherwise I give one leader and the other one pro. Other than that I give them a conglomerate of skills, like Strip Ball, shadowing, and Frenzy. If they are being used as defenders of the Ghouls, I tend to build them that way, Diving Tackle, Pro, and Dauntless.

Ghouls: Ghouls by far (in my opinion) are the most dangerous player on the undead team. They (in my opinion) are the receivers and the passers for the Undead. That means that they play a very big part of an Undeads offense. Unfortunately they are the only ones without regenerate. That makes them a very big target for opponents to take out. That is why I usually use the wights to defend them.

Skills: It really depends on what their first skill roll is before I finally decide on what skill I give the Ghoul. If they roll doubles I give them pass. When they roll normal I give them catch, or block. Also some good skill choices are sprint and sure feet. That way you score quicker.

Vampire (rookie or star player): If you use the rookie big guy rules the undead can take rookie Vampires. I usually use these in place of the ghouls in receiving and passing. If I have the Star Player Vampire then I will place him right on the front line to work with the mummies. I never allow him to score unless it means the game. He is a lineman on my team.

Skills: The rookie vamp are really powerful. When they get their first skill, I get rid of Off for a Bite. That way it guarantees that they will stay on the field. Then I use the in place of the ghouls in all scoring aspects. If they get a second or third skill it is usually Block, and then Pass.

Skeletons: Skeletons, hmmmm. I tend to use skeletons to back up my mummies(to lend assists). Otherwise they are not agile enough to be great ball handlers, not quick enough to be much of a use. They are Great cannon fodder though. I usually play the skeletons on the line. They are my blockers.

Skills: Skeletons do not usually get skills at all. But when they do the first skill is block and then maybe tackle. Sometimes I give them Dirty Player. If I give them DP, I usually place them behind my mummies waiting for someone to be knocked down and then they foul them.

Zombies: Zombies are the same thing as skeletons. I usually do not use zombies at all. Even though they are tougher than skeletons they are not as maneuverable. I play zombies the same way as I do Skeletons.

Skills: The first skill I give the zombie is block and then maybe tackle. Sometimes I give them Dirty Player. If I give them DP, I usually place them behind my mummies waiting for someone to be knocked down and then they foul them.

How the troops are placed

Receiving: This is the usual setup I use for the Undead. The only way it varies is with injuries. And because of limited bandwidth I wont show every setup. If I have any rookie vamps they take the place of the wights on the side and the wights take the place of the skeletons on the line. Also zombie can take the place of the skeletons if you wish.

Kick Off: I place these the same as the receiving team. Rookie vamps switched with wights, wights to skeletons etc.